Practical Innovation


Australians are renowned for their smart ideas, but we often fail to back them and turn them into commercial realities.”  – National Innovation and Science Agenda Report, December 2015.

Geoff Carter of On Track RDI and I have teamed up to create a masterclass which explores a practical approach to innovation. An approach which encourages smart ideas, pragmatically priortises effort on the right ideas, and leads to a minimum viable product for prototyping. We then explore how to engage the end users in turning prototypes to a bottom line change.


This is a great opportunity for people getting into innovation programs through to people already leading innovation programs who want to improve their impact.

Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • Leadership for creativity
  • Team culture for innovation
  • Idea generation and control
  • Delivery with uncertainty
  • Rapid testing and change management
  • Comprehensive value propositions

The masterclass will be held in Perth and is booked for Thursday 27th October from 12 to 4pm, with networking afterwards. For more information please follow this link.

Register Here

I am really excited about this opportunity to present with Geoff. So join Geoff and me for an engaging and insightful workshop with a group of like minded people. Places are limited so we can have interaction and participation throughout the afternoon.


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