Technical Review

Building on decades of experience in analysing, planning and strategising for current and future operations, we are called upon by our clients to build clear, risk based operating strategies.

We bring together a strength in numeric analysis, business process and decision making approaches to build compelling strategies that our clients are confident in.

Value Chain Optimisation (Mining)

A mine site requested analysis of their value chain, from mine to product transport. Opportunities where identified to release significant throughput and cost improvement, requiring little investment. Significant value was delivered through business process improvement projects.

Operational Optimisation (Rail)

A rail transport operator was looking for significant uplift in performance through improved scheduling and operational decision making. Extensive analysis using modern analytical techniques identified opportunities that others had been unable to find. The key was an understanding of complex system dynamics.

Due Diligence (Mineral Processing)

Mineral processing subject matter expertise has been provided for capital project and M&A due diligence reviews. A wide range of studies have been supported including iron ore, copper, lithium, potash and coal projects.