Full Potential and Latent Capability

Understanding the full potential of your system will lead to opportunities in latent capability. Opportunities that are generally low cost and low risk, as they take advantage of assets you have already installed and have a history with operating. However, understanding how to release this capability and being confident in what a system is capable […]

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Valuing Innovation

Gaining traction with innovation requires a clear and compelling case for change. A case that overcomes the opportunity cost hurdle for access to time, money, resources and leadership support. A failure to do this well means that many great ideas are left undiscovered and holders of the ideas frustrated that nobody else “gets it”. In fact, in […]

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Practical Innovation

“Australians are renowned for their smart ideas, but we often fail to back them and turn them into commercial realities.”  – National Innovation and Science Agenda Report, December 2015. Geoff Carter of On Track RDI and I have teamed up to create a masterclass which explores a practical approach to innovation. An approach which encourages smart ideas, pragmatically […]

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Innovation Master Class

Had a great opportunity to present at the Innovation Master Class. I spoke about: How to pilot Innovation and prepare for the transition to operations. Importance of developing comprehensive value propositions. There was valuable discussion with people from many different backgrounds contributing their ideas and experience. Great master class Geoff Carter.

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