Data analytics should be a core skill for engineers and experienced industry professionals. Building this capability is a major lever to opportunity for the mining and processing industries.

My goal is to develop data analytical capabilities in others and my vision is to improve analytical literacy broadly within industry.Shaun Dore, Director dore2dore

Mining and process systems can run as low as 60 to 70% of full capacity. 

Do you understand the gap to full potential of your operations and the pathway to latent capacity?

Without an understanding of the system fundamentals it is not surprising that so many innovation & improvement strategies struggle to deliver.

New strategic value and productivity comes from understanding the full potential of your value chain.

Strategies need to be linked to value drivers and full potential analysis, based on robust data analysis.

Operations, innovation, improvement and technical teams can leverage low cost pathways to latent opportunity by analysing for full potential.

System dynamics and interfaces are hard to analyse but hide latent opportunities.

The dynamic interaction of many systems make it difficult to understand what is constraining your operations. A combination of analytical skills, domain knowledge and people engagement is required to uncover the latent opportunities.

Diverse and multi-skilled teams need to be able to understand the fundamental constraints of the system and the analytic techniques to use. 

So, begin with your value drivers, identify the gaps to full system potential and build a strategic path forward. This becomes the foundation for considering new ideas, technologies and analytics.

Improvement needs to be owned by the end user and embedded into existing processes.

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