Technical Strategy

We bring together years of operational, corporate and consulting experience to develop comprehensive strategies across a range of disciplines. We are noted for making the complex, simple and producing compelling outputs which our clients use to engage their stakeholders.

Because of our technical and corporate experience we are just as comfortable talking with an operator or farmer in the field, as we are with a professor in a university, CFO or CEO.

We absolutely enjoy the steep learning curve that comes from developing complex strategies that integrate great technical analysis with needs of our clients business.

Strategic Options Analysis (Processing)

Working with a mining company, we integrated the work of laboratory scientists, techno-economic modellers and design engineers to review a range of processing options whilst proving up lab scale work to pilot plant level. The results were prepared for internal decision making around investment and procurement options.

Technology Review (Scope 1,2,3)

A major mining company needed a review of technologies impacting their scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. We performed this review and worked with the client to develop strategic options across short to long term horizons. The results were developed into decision making packs including the preparation of board level material.

Innovation Strategy (Agriculture)

A large agricultural representative body wanted to develop a strategy for encouraging and supporting farm level innovation as a method for driving industry wide change. We worked with farmers and performed an extensive literature of approaches used in other agricultural and adjacent industries.

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