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We provide top quality technical consulting and support to the mining and manufacturing industries based on a depth of understanding like no other. By engaging your technical and operating teams, we can build their capability and review the sustainability of your technical management practices – even help you develop remote technical management processes if required.

Our consulting services provide a clear assessment of opportunities to improve productivity, optimise production, reduce margins and assess risk by combining strategy, technical expertise and analytics to challenge existing beliefs. We also provide support to due diligence studies and major strategic change programs.

Operational and technical reviews: Based on deep experience analysing value chains, we can rapidly assess your operations to uncover the technical limits of your business drivers. Then, working with your people, develop pathways to releasing the latent value.

Full Potential - System Constraints

Process Control: Our understanding of system dynamics and process control opportunities means we are able to provide process stability and capacity increases well above the norm.

Full Potential - System Structure

Remote Technical Support: Our experience with remote and virtual working models means that we can help you prepare and transition to full or partial remote support models.

Planning support: Our exceptional talent of being able to understand complex systems will challenge the fundamentals of your plans across all time horizons. Ambitious planning and respect for risks can then be built into you planning processes.

Full Potential - Cluster

Program and change management: We are an exemplar of technical and business change management and effective program implementation (not just developing a plan). Our years of leading corporate wide change can be brought to bear on your transformational change program, through stakeholder engagement, critical thinking, risk management and leveraging people across the industry.