Case study 2 – Solving algebraic equations (multi unit)

Key concepts Solving nonlinear algebraic equationsSystems of equationsDegrees of freedomSlicing listsArraysfsolve Introduction When analysing plant data, rarely are we provided with all rate and composition data. Instrumentation, sampling and laboratory analysis can be expensive and we need to make best use of available information to infer data for which we don't have measurements. In this … Continue reading Case study 2 – Solving algebraic equations (multi unit)

Predictive Maintenance Obstacles

Predictive maintenance is an important technique which can and should be a fundamental capability for engineers working industry. Unfortunately few engineers are aware of the techniques and even fewer understand the tools & techniques. The mathematics of remaining useful like (RUL) estimation is reachable for a wide range of engineers and I encourage everyone to … Continue reading Predictive Maintenance Obstacles

Full Potential and Latent Capability

Understanding the full potential of your system will lead to opportunities in latent capability. Opportunities that are generally low cost and low risk, as they take advantage of assets you have already installed and have a history with operating. However, understanding how to release this capability and being confident in what a system is capable … Continue reading Full Potential and Latent Capability

Understanding Full Potential (IChemE Webinar)

"Latent Capacity" aka untapped potential is ubiquitous across the mining and mineral processing industry. We know it’s there, but we can’t always see it. When we see, we don’t always know where to start. And when we start, we find that change is a difficult road. This untapped potential is not due to a lack … Continue reading Understanding Full Potential (IChemE Webinar)

Practical Innovation

“Australians are renowned for their smart ideas, but we often fail to back them and turn them into commercial realities.”  – National Innovation and Science Agenda Report, December 2015. Geoff Carter of On Track RDI and I have teamed up to create a masterclass which explores a practical approach to innovation. An approach which encourages smart ideas, pragmatically … Continue reading Practical Innovation

Innovation Master Class

Had a great opportunity to present at the Innovation Master Class. I spoke about: How to pilot Innovation and prepare for the transition to operations. Importance of developing comprehensive value propositions. There was valuable discussion with people from many different backgrounds contributing their ideas and experience. Great master class Geoff Carter.