Predictive Maintenance Obstacles

Predictive maintenance is an important technique which can and should be a fundamental capability for engineers working industry. Unfortunately few engineers are aware of the techniques and even fewer understand the tools & techniques.

The mathematics of remaining useful like (RUL) estimation is reachable for a wide range of engineers and I encourage everyone to increase their awareness.

Mathworks Predictive Maintenance Fig2

Wether implementing your own predictive maintenance solutions or working with others, you need to be aware of the typical obstacles to achieving a useful outcome. Four  major obstacles are raised in the post, Top Obstacles to Overcome when Implementing Predictive Maintenance.

These are:

  1. Being Unaware of How to Do Predictive Maintenance
  2. Lacking Data to Create Proper Predictive Maintenance Systems
  3. Lacking Failure Data to Achieve Accuracy
  4. Understanding Failures but Not Being Able to Predict Them


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